Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Ben Carson says Muslims shouldn't even try to run from president and that America is a place where Hitler is just over the horizon -- and yet he crushes various Democrats in traditionally blue states, according to a new Quinnipiac poll:
In hypothetical matchups, Democratic frontrunner Clinton drew 45 percent to Carson's 43 percent in Florida, but fell short at 40 percent to 49 percent in both Ohio and Pennsylvania....

The only Republican who tops Biden in any state is Carson, who has the upper hand in Ohio and Pennsylvania, with 46 percent to 42 percent and 47 percent to 42 percent, respectively.
And Bernie Sanders loses to Carson 46%-40% in Florida, 48%-36% in Ohio, and 47%-37% in Pennsylvania.

Among all registered voters, Carson has a net favorable rating of +23% in Ohio, +26% in Pennsylvania, and +21% in Florida. He has the highest net favorable rating of any polled candidate or possible candidate in Florida and Pennsylvania, and the second-highest net favorable rating (two points behind Joe Biden) in Florida.

I don't have any grand theories to explain this. All I can say is: America, are you listening to this man? Have you paid any attention to what he's saying? Or does none of it bother you?


Feud Turgidson said...

"America, are you listening to this man? Have you paid any attention to what he's saying?"

I'm not sure why we should be concerned, at least at THIS stage of the process.

To this point, I think it's unlikely anywhere close to 10% of the total population or even a third of those who'll eventually end up voting in November 2016 have paid the sort of attention to what ANY of the candidates have actually said that gets paid in politics blogs.

Awful in so many ways as partisan ads are, they've always constituted an important "information" source for a majority of those who end up actually voting, and we certainly haven't seen much in the way of attack ads so far (tho of course that will change).

I conjecture that by far most of those who perceive Carson favorably either
1) are partisan GOP/cons/TPers/wingnuts or
2) know little more of him beyond that his first career was in pediatric neurosurgery and that he projects a very low key demeanor that's dramatically in contrast with all other candidates who might reasonably expect any serious support.

If Carson's polling this way next spring, it really won't be all that hard for the Dem candidate's campaign and the party itself to 'educate' the public about this naive and crazy savant.

Luigi said...

I have one grand theory: It's 13 months BEFORE the election. No one really cares. Except maybe crazy tea baggers.

Charon04 said...

"America, are you listening to this man? Have you paid any attention to what he's saying?"

As long as he keeps saying, and does not tone it down Joni Ernst style. He seems genuinely nutty though, also has lots of books and speeches good for oppo research.

Anonymous said...

"America, are you listening to this man? Have you paid any attention to what he's saying?"

Apparently not. Even for the Teabaggers, he's the fling before the safe boyfriend. When the rubber hits the road, he's still black, and in the modern GOP, that's still the "Well, he's just not like us" mark of Cain. They'll find all sorts of ingenious ways to rationalize it, but I'm figuring that even the woman Carly Fiorina has a better chance (ie 0.0001% +/- 1%) of getting the nomination. Jeb is a hand reaching desperately out of the water on his third trip down, and Trump is pretty darned liberal for these folks, despite his comforting fascist bluster. I'm starting to think The GOP Kennedy (Rubio) is looking better for the Big Money, and he's a Good Cuban, which may carry some weight.

mlbxxxxxx said...

His race is a plus for him (see tokenism) but I think he's primarily buoyed by his medical celebrity and the credibility that an MD generally confers. He does have a genuinely impressive resume. And I don't think you can get too crazy for a lot of folk these days. I'm daily amazed at the insane stuff people seem willing to say in public. There seems to be a significant constituency for almost any wacko idea.

Four Bs said...

Keep it up, Ben Carson. Look at your poll numbers. Don't change a thing. You're doing great.

Sweet Sue said...

Carson does have a genuinely impressive resume which gives credence to the idiot savant theory.

Anonymous said...

Matchup polls have so many undecideds... I can't imagine they're useful.

Anonymous said...

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