Monday, October 12, 2015


(Warning: Disgusting language.)

Over at Crooks & Liars, Susie Madrak draws our attention to this:
A wingnut activist named Robert Morrow trolled Chelsea Clinton’s book signing in Austin, Texas Friday. Imagine being approached with these sordid personal attacks in public, and you begin to understand why she and her mother don't often favor being spontaneous or unguarded:
“Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton,” he said while Chelsea was looking down, signing a copy of “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going.”

The question was in reference to a long-time rumor alleging Chelsea was the result of an affair between the Clinton lawyer and Hillary.

Looking up, smiling, Chelsea responded, “I am so proud to be my parents’ daughter,” without actually naming her parents....

Referring to Clinton’s book being geared towards kids, Morrow asked, “Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

“I would say my book is really resonating with kids,” Clinton responded. “I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.”

But Morrow is more than just "a wingnut activist." He's the co-author of a book titled The Clintons' War on Women. You may know the lead author: His name is Roger Stone.

Stone, we're told, either quit the Donald Trump campaign or was fired in August. He had been a top Trump adviser. Nevertheless, he seems to be making quite a few media appearances on Trump's behalf.

Morrow, Stone's co-author, wasn't acting out of character when he approached Chelsea Clinton at that book signing. As Eric Hanaoki of Media Matters noted last month in a post, making wild, baseless, and tasteless accusations against the Clintons (and some other politicians) is pretty much a full-time job for Morrow. Here are some not-suitable-for-work highlights from Hanaoki's post:
Morrow: "The Taliban Was Created To Deal With People Like Hillary Clinton." [Facebook, 4/18/14]....

Morrow: "What Is A Greater Threat To The USA: ISIS Or Hillary Clinton's Vaginal Odor?" [Facebook, 5/23/15]....

Morrow On Clinton: "Maggots Started Coming Out Of Her Pussy."
Bill Clinton went down on Hillary one time. While he was licking her maggots started coming out of her pussy. Bill with a sickly look on his face looks up and says. "Sarge, I just can't do this anymore." Hillary, without missing a beat, grabs the back of Bill's head and shoves it back onto her snatch and said "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!" [Facebook, 4/17/14]....

Morrow: "Is Hillary Clinton A Pre-Op Or A Post-Op Transsexual?" [Facebook, 2/2/13]....

Morrow: Someone Told Me "Chelsea Was The Slut."
Someone who knew Chelsea Clinton at Stanford in the late 1990's told me, as we worked out in the gym, that Chelsea was the slut for the Stanford swim. At least men like her unlike her mother. [Facebook, 12/15/13]
Oh, and there's this:

Morrow has also accused George H.W. Bush of being "a homosexual pedophile," speculated that President Obama had sex with Rahm Emanuel and that Herman Cain "loves that white pussy," and accused Jeb Bush of murder. And I'm just giving you a small taste of what's in that Media Matters post.

Let me say this again: A former top adviser and current top surrogate for the Republican presidential front-runner professionally collaborated with this nasty piece of work, and this is somehow not a scandal, because of the mainstream media's perpetual unwillingness to say that anything Republicans do is beyond the pale.

Not only is it considered perfectly fine that Stone worked with this human septic-tank explosion, but Stone is actually regarded as a delightful and "colorful" chap by the mainstream press. As I told you at the time, Stone was the subject of a gushing puff piece in the Styles section of The New York Times in late August.

He also received delighted birthday wishes from pals in the press:

What would it take for a Republican insider to become a pariah? Is anything short of murder okay?


Vixen Strangely said...

What? The unflushable shitrag that came up with Citizens United Not Timid on his own with the idea that all you need to fight Clinton is pointing out she is a woman with a vulgarism has worked closely with a perverted misogynist pottymouth? Damn. I guess I'll just have to have a lower opini...nope. Already pretty low.

Vickie Feminist said...

Breath taking slime! Roger Stone is also proud of his role in alerting NY folks about Elliot Abrams and high price prostitutes.

You're right that respectable reporters should condemn these men.

Cluttered Mind said...

Murder is okay too. See Joe Scarborough.

Vixen Strangely said...

Short of murder--Dick Cheney, possible Speaker of the House candidate per Tom Cotton, face-shooter. Actual murderer--can we give a shout-out to the legacy of Hank Kissinger and the whole bombing Cambodia thing? I don't know who was a bigger and more listened to proponent of all kinds of deathiness. Pundits like Bill Kristol can't even touch him for access and respectability.

Sweet Sue said...

I wanted to comment but I'm too busy throwing up.

Glennis said...

I'll hold back your hair, Sue, if you'll hold back mine.

Anonymous said...

As CM points out, murder's perfectly OK - after all, that marks you as a Manly Man. I think a GOP Insider could become a pariah to the Liberal Media if he just began approvingly talking about all that Socialist stuff that Bernie Sanders likes. It's not even necessary for him to become a trans-sexual.