Thursday, December 18, 2014


For a suggested donation of just $72, you can get this:

No word if it's made of 100% Iraqi petroleum byproducts cut with babies' tears. The tweet that informed of the hat's existence says that the Republican National Committee "teamed up with Dick & @liz_cheney on this patriotic hat." (Wonder if it's made in China.)

And then, also from the RNC, there's this (via Joe. My. God.):

This probably sums up what a lot of Hillary-haters (including some of my readers) imagine she's thinking -- but I think it's also supposed to be funny, and, well, it isn't. Jokes -- try writing some. Oh, and a bit more advice? You guys like to annoy Democrats by saying "Democrat" instead of "Democratic." You think that's fiendishly clever. Do you understand that we don't do that? Do you understand that no one in the Democratic Party would ever refer to "the Democrat nomination"? Can you at least learn that everybody doesn't talk in your secret-handshake language?

Well, it's not a Hillary nutcracker, so I suppose some progress has been made on the right.


Victor said...

Did our conservatives put Hillary's face on every sheet of toilet paper on a roll yet?

Or, are they waiting until she officially declares?

Never Ben Better said...

Republicans think "Mallard Fillmore" is the most hilarious cartoon strip ever created.

'Nuff said.

Ten Bears said...

I don't hate Hillary, I don't hate anyone. I just won't vote for her, for the same I won't vote for another Bush. I thought you people fought a revolution or something to get away from kings and queens, from dynastic rule. Give me a better reason than that.

As to my distant cousin Ms Warren, yes, she is saying all the right things, pushing all right buttons, but I haven't heard a word of her position on War. On the genocides we perpetrating on not-white not-jew peoples around the world, not a word about the race war the white dogs have started here at "home". Not a word about climate change or the very real possibility this will be uninhabitable by the time our grand-children reach our (mutual) age. Though I have voted the female candidate in three of the past five presidential elections I won't for her either. Indeed, it is doubtful I'll ever vote a Democrat again.

That said, I agree, it's not the least bit funny. But then again, JMG never is.

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

... this world will be unihabitable ...

Uncle Mike said...

@Ten Bears You know that JoeMyGod didn't write this, yes? And that JMG is a news blog, not a humor blog, yes?

Just checking.

Uncle Mike
White Devil

Ten Bears said...

Not "news". We've been butting heads for a long time now.

But that wasn't your point, was it?

You know, if you put your hat on right...

Steve M. said...

Uncle Mike, I didn't think I was suggesting that Joe wrote that RNC post -- he just linked to it, not approvingly. I'm sorry if anyone else misread the post.

gone said...

I don't hate anyone

Now, that's funny!