Monday, December 15, 2014


Funny, he just so happened to show up yesterday:
Former President George W. Bush paid an unannounced visit to the 9/11 museum Sunday evening, and spent an hour somberly looking at the exhibits.

"He was clearly moved by the museum and its contents," said a law-enforcement source.

Bush arrived at 6 p.m. with his security detail while the museum was still open to the public.
Yes, so he could just so happen to appear in social media posts like this:

And this:

Dick Cheney played the bad cop yesterday, responding to the torture report by angrily insisting that everything the U.S. did in the aftermath of 9/11 was justified, including torture (in fact, including the torture of innocent people), because 9/11 was awful for Americans. The former vice president was in prince-of-darkness mode on Meet the Press; a few hours later, Bush was at the memorial trying to play good cop to Cheney's from-the-pit-of-hell cop. I don't think that was by accident.

The quote above is from the New York Post's story on Bush's appearance; here's more:
... "He views what happened on 9/11 as the defining moment of his presidency," the [law-enforcement] source said, adding that it was obvious to everyone there that his visit was not a photo op.
Oh yeah -- it's so obvious that it wasn't a photo op. (Here's a local news slideshow of the visit.)

And why does Bush always talk about 9/11 as his presidency's defining moment? Why, for Bush, is 9/11 all about him? Why is it all about how 9/11 shaped his write-up in the history books?

"You could clearly see that this was something he had wanted to do for a long time," the source said.

It was Bush's first visit to the museum.
Um, the museum opened in May; the memorial on the grounds opened in 2011. What took him so long? It's not as if he has a job.

No, he wanted to wait until now because of the torture report. Oh, and because he hopes it will occur to some people that his new book about his father would make an excellent Christmas gift. Oh, and Jeb's clearly running for president -- gotta polish up the Bush brand on his behalf.

Am I really so cynical that ascribe ulterior motives to this uncomplicated man? You bet.


Glennis said...

And you know, when you look at his face, your remember- again - what a shitty president he was.

Victor said...

Too bad he and Dr, Death didn't pay more attention before 9/11/01.

I was without a doubt a photo-op.

Never Ben Better said...

He may be uncomplicated, but his handlers aren't.

Danp said...

I'm with you on the torture and perhaps the book. But Jeb's marketing plan will have to be "This will be different. Jeb is the smart one." Jeb is surely wishing George would stay in the bathtub and paint.

Ken_L said...

I don't know what's in this museum, but surely a person who was genuinely interested in its contents would arrange to spend more than 1 hour there.

The kids are nice props. Maybe when Cheney does interviews he should bring his old heart along in a jar, to humanise him.

Ten Bears said...

Return to the scene of his crime.