Friday, December 05, 2014


Talking Points Memo reports:
A Texas teacher accused of making anti-Muslim slurs and jokes about Ebola infecting President Obama will resign immediately with three months' pay, the Houston Independent School District announced on Thursday.

Angela Box, a third-grade teacher in west Houston, made the remarks on episodes of a local conservative political show "Tommy's Garage," the Houston Chronicle reported.

"Every normal human being in the world knows that goat-fucking Muslims and, oh, boy fucking Muslims, are the evil of the world," Box appears to have said in one of the broadcasts. She also referred to Muslims as "bacon-haters."

The teacher also joked she was hopeful President Obama would catch Ebola. "Can't Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?" Box said, according to the paper.
More from the Chronicle:
A Twitter account that appears to belong to Box posted the following Thursday morning: "Having The New Black Panthers, The New Black Muslims, and C.A.I.R. attack me might be the greatest compliment I've ever received. #vigilance".
TPM and the Chronicle are being cautious about declaring the clips and tweets legitimate, but I'm over at @TheBoxThatRoxx on Twitter and I'll go out on a limb and call it legit. Box doesn't seem cowed at all:

And she's not scrubbing her past remarks -- oh, hell no:

Watch a few minutes of this. She's a vile human being, but she's got a horrifying star quality. And she's I think she could be a huge media star for the large knuckledragger audience that listens to the crotchety old blowhards of right-wing talk radio and watches the grumps and Botoxed blondes of Fox News. She and her cohorts in this supercut are the Republican base, delivering the raw hate without circumspection.

I predict this clip is going to go viral in Wingnuttistan. If it does, I predict there'll be Angela Box for President pages all over the right-o-sphere soon.

Bonus quote, found in a link at the I Stand with Box Facebook page:
"Yes, I am a very good role model for children I'm a great teacher my students adore me and I adore them," said Box.
She'll never teach again, I hope. But since she's from Texas, I bet, at the very least, she can elected to Congress two years from now.


BKT said...

Great trolling opportunity for someone to impersonate her Twitter handle as "@ABoxOfRocks."

Victor said...


Hell, she could be the next TX Governor after the newest uber-Christian loon!

Bluesborn said...

Any expression of outrage concerning her attention harvesting remarks of course,make you a "hater tat's gonna hate". Yes she's a natural for conservative stardom in America. I think it's time you Liberals down there (I'm Canadian) held as big a rally as possible to protest the violence and ongoing racism against black and brown people by trigger happy cops who are no doubt inspired by the kind of rhetoric coming out of the mouths of conservative media stars old,new and on the rise. It's clear things are reaching the critical stage.

TB said...

Such indignation about being accused of using the n word-after howling at old Tommy using a video clip of Chris Rock saying it-the illogic is breathtaking.

I expect her to become besties with Pamela Geller any day now. I would say she's too crude for prime time, but Geller, Ted Nugent, and Allen West all have a platform, so she'll probably be unencumbered by this video trail of her idiocy.

TB said...

Here's the video I mentioned-Box is heard in the background and it's not the sound of protest.

In her "press conference" she affects a wounded attitude. Her head is down and her hands are together. Old Tommy is her champion, but he can't maintain any dignity for long. So totally fake, but they don't seem to realize it.

J said...

There's a market for this toxic brew, which mixes hatred and cretinism in equal parts.

Glennis said...

Yuk. Vile. I randomly listened to twenty seconds where the assembled mob of neanderthals laughed uproariously about a story of toddler in China's brain injury. "Learn to use forks!" Haw haw haw!