Saturday, December 06, 2014


Dumb: Steven Hayward at Power Line.
I really can't get over the spectacle of the self-destruction of The New Republic, which I think is significant far beyond the details of young'un Chris Hughes thinking it is a nifty idea to wreck this venerable magazine.... it is symptomatic of a wider problem on the Left, presaging the collapse of the Hillary candidacy (you might have missed the air audibly leaking from her balloon this week) and perhaps of Progressivism itself.


I imagine that Hayward actually spent a few minutes trying to concoct an explanation of why the TNR upheaval is connected to Hillary and progressivism. Then, when he realized that nothing he could possible write would be in any way coherent, he said "Screw it" and put up the short post with no evidence for his assertion.

Well, at least he didn't try to link the New Republic situation to Benghazi.

(Via DougJ on Twitter.)


M. Bouffant said...

We can at least hope for the end of "Even the liberal New Republic ...".

Victor said...

M. Bouffant,
Yes, that should have died even long before the run-up to the Iraq invasion and occupation.

Sure, they've had had some terrific liberal individual writers over the last few decades, but overall, that magazine took a lurch to the right when Reagan came into office - if not before, thanks to Marty Peretz.

Ten Bears said...

When not reminding reich-wingers of my aquaint "I was 'against government' when against government wasn't cool" I admonish them with "If you think the media is 'liberal' you can't read." They hate that (too).

No fear.