Thursday, December 04, 2014


On his TV show Wednesday night, Sean Hannity revealed what really sticks in his craw about the Eric Garner case: underregulated pot-smokers.
"What makes me so angry about this case — why are police officers ever arresting anybody for selling cigarettes in a city where you only get a summons if you're caught smoking pot?" Hannity asked his former law-enforcement guest Wednesday night. He accused the city of creating a "black market" for cigarettes with its large taxes, asking, "How stupid is all of this from the get-go?"
And who was that "former law-enforcement guest"?
When Mark Furhman defended the police for simply trying to "enforce the laws" that are in place about selling loose cigarettes, Hannity once again said it was "absurd" that someone like Garner had been arrested for that crime when people are only getting a summons for smoking small amounts of marijuana.
Yeah, who cares about a dead man? There's almost-legal weed being smoked in New York! Where's the outrage about that?

Well, that outrage showed up on Rush Limbaugh's show today. Limbaugh did almost a note-for-note cover of Hannity's harangue:
Do you realize what this was about? How many times a day do you think the New York PD walks by a shop or a property of some kind or is driving by, sees somebody blowing a joint, and just keeps going?

How often do you think that happens? Probably happens so many times a day, you can't count it. Somebody blowing a weed, don't stop. Maybe even wave at 'em, say, "Hey, dude." See 'em selling, it's a different thing, but you see somebody blowing a weed and even if they're selling just a single joint, the cops don't stop for this anymore. And yet this guy ends up dead because the city of New York is hell-bent on driving out the black market cigarette industry from Manhattan.
So there you have it. The real problem? People not being arrested for pot. Pot being underregulated. One New Yorker after another "blowing a weed." No wonder a man is dead.


Bonus inspirational quote from Mark Fuhrman, at 2:15 in the Hannity clip (which I can't embed, but you can watch at Mediaite).
FUHRMAN: Well, Sean, I've been involved with chokeholds probably the first thirteen years of my career and I've applied it on hundreds of people.
Yeah, I bet.


Cerebus said...

"Blowing a weed?"

I don't know of anyone who speaks like that outside of reruns of Reefer Madness.

It's a cliche to say that all Rush and Hannity need to do is blow a little weed themselves, but experience tells me that all that does is make the person even more insufferable.

Ten Bears said...

Considering the integral part these bozos play in the Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on Fox Kool-Aid I'd venture they've drank their own piss.

The "Black Demon" was a character in Reefer Madness.

Joey Blau said...

and the fact is.. this is not true.. the cops are all over anyone smoking a joint. it is an easy ticket and a possible warrant arrest.. they get good credit for these.

every cop needs misdemeanor summons and pct detentions on their record.. they lose good shifts and vacation times if they don't.