Tuesday, July 01, 2014


A certain office decoration was spotted in a recent NBC story on Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett:

As Glenn Beck's Blaze informs us:
... the network's cameras picked up on a little something that may have gone unnoticed. It has to do with three little figurines placed in her office, right in front of a picture of Jarrett.

Those figurines? They’re all bowing down to her.
The Blaze story tries to have it both ways -- it's a gag!
... the figurines could just be an inside joke or a white elephant gift for all we know. In fact, it could just be a way to poke fun at those who say she really runs the White House.
... Or is it???
So does Jarrett really consider herself someone to be worshiped? ... her personality has come under intense scrutiny in the past -- and there are even accusations that she wields immense power in the Oval Office....
Accusations! That the president's top adviser is powerful! Omigod!

It turns out that the frame-with-bowing-figures is available online for $18.47. Presumably it's a reasonably popular gag gift.

But this has made some of Beck's commenters a tad unhinged:
It's not just a picture of her. If you look closely, it's white skinned men bowing down to her. It's a daily reminder to her of her power as well as her goal. Destroy America and especially white male Americans.

She is one evil witch.


What a psychotic she is, seriously and with them bowing down no less. Thats what Adolph Hitler was famous for having a picture of himself everywhere like the attention whore he was. This "woman" is not normal. i bet she wishes she was like that, because Islam in Iran where she is from, men are always top dog so having that power for the first time must be like drug for her. I bet those three have names as well, Obama, Holder, and Boehner. Notice how all of them are men and not one woman? That also tells you how she perceives males which also leads into the Iran point I made earlier.

Granted a strong female is great but not when it goes over the edge like that, there is something in that mind of hers that has rotted over the years and something that has never been nurtured in the harsh enviroment of Iran, her humanity. No human would percieve other humans like that, even their enemies. Val has a God complex.

I believe the enviroment and experience shape each of us. Clearly it has shaped her.
(Jarrett was born in Iran to American parents.)
Our country is so so screwed up. Didn't realize Valerie was born in Iran. Just adds to the obvious. To have this crew running our country on duel invitation from a populous that is either heavily indoctrinated or incredible ignorant of the world we live in. The two ideologies that shake out from the Obama group, Marxism and the Muslin Theocracy are not on friendly terms with freedom, democracy or free enterprise but the intellectuals in and out of Universities, the primary media and groups of people you would think know better, are more than in bed with these players they call for a national reproduction through re-education and lies and manipulation. Maybe I'm old enough to appreciate what we have in America;have seen some of the world; realize we are an imperfect society but don’t wish to throw out the baby with the bath water. Read above what we are being offered. Is that what a sane, reasonably intelligent person in the majority of the world want? Where did these cretins come from? Please send them or take them back, they are our real aliens and they have risen to the top. HOW ??
Most of the remaining commenters find it unimaginable that anyone -- or at least a psychologically normal person -- would have a picture of herself in her own office. (Um, if, as Jarrett told the Blaze, it was a gag gift, presumably it was given to her with her picture already in place -- no? Otherwise the gag wouldn't be much of a gag?)

My reaction is not that Jarrett is a power-mad egomaniac. My reaction is that there's a disconnect (to put it mildly) when a person regarded by so many on the right as a larger-than-life figure of pure evil actually gets something like this as a gift and thinks it's a real hoot. The wingnuts are thinking Hitler; I'm thinking Michael Scott cherishing his Dundie Award and his "World's Best Boss" coffee mug. Really, folks: relax.


Lawrence said...

... it's white skinned men bowing down to her.

It doesn't seem to come in black. Or Asian, or brown.

Glennis said...

Ah, yes. She actually crafted it herself, and painted the white skins on the little figures!

God, some people are so stupid you wonder how they manage to live.

Anonymous said...

Or Dick Cheney playing up the Darth Vader shtick.

Victor said...

Our Reich-Winger are incapable of relaxing - and if/when they do decide to "relax," it's to sit and watch FOX, listen to Rush, or read Drudge, to further incite themselves.

They live in a perpetual state where their boobies are uproared and their knickers, knotted.

Bulworth said...

Wow, Glenn Beck's the Blaze is really on the case, journamalizing up a storm.

Bulworth said...

Since the Blaze is spending it's precious resources targeting a WH advisor, it leads me to wonder whatever happened to that super serious totally not a clown circus BENGHAZI supercommittee that was going to answer all the "questions" about the 2012 attack?

Glennis said...

As mentioned on another site, what would they think about Joe Biden's "Damn, I'm good!" beer cozy?