Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've seen a fair number of motorcades here in Manhattan over the years, including some for presidents of the United States, and while I might question the security specifics of this one, I think what was done here is unfortunate but understandable:
Witnesses say a pregnant woman in labor was prevented by authorities from crossing a Los Angeles street to a hospital Wednesday because the road had been closed for President Barack Obama's impending motorcade.

The unidentified woman was barred from walking the few hundred feet to the hospital for at least 30 minutes as authorities waited for the president's motorcade to pass by, witness Carrie Clifford told TheBlaze early Thursday morning....
A half hour does seem like a hell of a long time. But in these circumstances, some restrictions -- yes, even this one -- seem reasonable. Sure, we haven't had a presidential assassination in half a century, but Ronald Reagan was shot, and Gerald Ford was shot at twice. It could happen again.

If we had a pregnant-woman exception to presidential motorcade security, is it completely unthinkable that a would-be assassin might take advantage of that? Is it too melodramatic to imagine a team of killers using a pregnant woman to stop a presidential motorcade and then breach security? Or that a pregnant woman might cross into the motorcade's path and make a threat to herself or others, thus putting the president at risk? Or -- even though it seems highly unlikely in L.A. in July -- isn't it possible that a female suicide bomber might dress in such a way as to disguise her bomb as a pregnancy?

Maybe you'll say that kind of thing happens only in the movies. Are you sure? You want to stake presidents' lives on that?

I don't care what the president is doing -- I think tight security is reasonable. Unless you don't care whether a president -- or whether this president -- is vulnerable to violence.

A lot of the same people who are criticizing security in this case are aghast that performance-art pranksters scaled the Brooklyn Bridge and bleached some American flags. They could have had a bomb! we were told. Yeah, and something similar could be said for this pregnant woman.


Victor said...

And if Obama leaped out of his limo, and helped her give birth, they'd say he was grandstanding, or something.


aimai said...

Oh for christ's sake was it really impossible for her to either get ahead of the motorcade or behind it? They couldn't put her in an ambulance and take her down the street to behind his motorcade and then up the parallel street back to the hospital? This story is so full of shit it makes my brain bleed. My guess is that she wasn't in labor but merely pregnant. A person is pregnant and not in an emergency situation for 9 months--I've been pregnant twice. I managed to wait for half an hour for lots of things.

Joey Blau said...

story is that she was seduced and date-raped by Obama last time he was in town.. he wanted her to be on display for all to see as he rolled by with his posse.

Kenyan interloper snozzelgauzer.

AmPowerBlog said...
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Yastreblyansky said...


This story is so full of shit it makes my brain bleed.

I am so stealing that. And it's true. Even James O'Keefe could have concocted better video evidence.

Victor said...

Donald DouglASS!
What's up, "Doc?"

How's Sasquatch weathering the Hama bombings in Israel?

Here's a blast from your moronic commenting past here, "Doc:"
"What a dope!
What a MAROON!!!"

Remember that, MORON!!!

Victor said...


Steve M. said...

Donald Douglas is banned.

Glennis said...

It's highly likely that the "decision" to "bar" her from walking across the street was due to faulty communication between various jurisdictions of law enforcement, and not from any action by the Obama administration. It was probably an LAPD call, based on info they had about where the motorcade was.

And yes, it would have happened in the case of any President of any party.

Unknown said...

My daughter was ready to push when she got to the hospital. Some labors go ridiculously fast. Is it really to much to ask of security to use somejudgment rather than assuming everyone is a disguised suicide bomber?

The New York Crank said...

I agree she should have been escorted across the street – after a quick search. And then escorted into the hospital. Easy solution.

And I agree with Aunt Snow that the problem was likely a bone-headed LAPD call and poor communication.

Hey, if they were rocket scientists, they wouldn't be wearing blue uniforms and keeping pregnant women the streets.

Yours crankily,
The New YOrk Crank

The New York Crank said...

That should be "keeping pregnant women from crossing the streets.

Too cranky to parse sentences,
The New York Cranky