Friday, July 11, 2014


I think a new right-wing hero is emerging in Texas:
Groups describing themselves as militias have set up a training area near San Antonio and say there already are four "operations on the ground" along the US-Mexico border in Texas....

The Texas militia, known as "Operation Secure Our Border," is being led by Chris Davis, a 37-year-old truck driver who was discharged from the Army in 2001 "under other than honorable conditions in lieu of trial by court martial," according to a summary of Davis' military service obtained by the San Antonio Express-News....

He does not appear to have any arrests, according to public record sources. Last year, Davis was one of three men in the group Open Carry Texas cited by the San Antonio Police Department for disorderly conduct while openly carrying rifles outside a Starbucks. The incident sparked an open carry rally at the Alamo that drew hundreds of armed protesters....

I figure this guy is about six months away from a thriving career in either Republican politics or right-wing broadcasting. He's probably no crazier that the guy who failed to beat John Cornyn in a Republican Senate primary this year -- that would be Mr. Steve Stockman -- but he seems far more goal-oriented than Stockman, a guy who went missing for a significant stretch of his campaign and then conducted the rest of it mostly on Twitter. Davis seems as if he would have been far more focused than that. Cornyn ought to consider himself lucky that he didn't have to face a guy like Davis with a track record like this.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about that less-than-honorable discharge -- Allen West had to leave the Army to avoid a court-martial for mistreatment of an Iraqi prisoner, and he became a congressman and a mainstay of the right-wing fringe.

Yeah, I predict big things for this guy. Sounds like he's a star in the making.

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Victor said...

He-man Gun-loons POV:

I get to go down t’ the border, ‘n shoot me some ‘Beaner-babies!’

Beaner-babies,’ get it?

Ah, you Libtards ain’t got no sense of humor.”

Another man with a tiny real dick, waving around a metal prosthesis!

NOT, what the Founding Fathers intended, at all!