Thursday, July 10, 2014


There, I said it -- there will be no Obama impeachment. Here's how you know: Ted Cruz, the living embodiment of conservative correctness, thinks it's not worth the effort.
Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) chose not to echo Sarah Palin's call for House Republicans to impeach President Obama....

Cruz didn't make it explicit, but his comments on impeachment contained a reminder that Senate Democrats would never vote to remove Obama.

"It ought to be a bipartisan concern," he [said]. "Anyone who believes in the constitutional checks and balances should be dismayed about a president who claims the authority to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore. Sadly, Senate Democrats have not demonstrated the courage of being willing to stand up to their own president. And indeed Harry Reid is President Obama's chief enabler by preventing the Senate from engaging in any meaningful oversight or holding the president accountable for his lawlessness." ...
Hot Air's Allahpundit is right:
Cruz is doing his Republican colleagues a favor by taking this position.... Impeachment has the potential to be a new RINO/true conservative litmus test; if he had come down firmly on Palin's side, it would have set things up nicely for skeptics to be dismissed as sellouts and Obama courtiers. Instead he's creating political space here for skeptics to say "I agree with Ted Cruz. Unfortunately, Democrats aren't serious about separation of powers." Boehner should buy him a beer.
Also, please note this, from Politico:
The most conservative Republicans in the House often have a fraught relationship with Speaker John Boehner but they're rallying behind his push to sue President Barack Obama. interviews with a half-dozen House conservatives, there was nearly universal support for suing Obama for what they see as executive overreach.

"I think everyone is going to applaud it" said Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah. "It is the right move. I hear people with so much frustration with the president and his unwillingness to enforce the current law."

Rep. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican who plans to run for chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, said Boehner will be "applauded from moderates to conservative in our conference for this."

... "The President's response to this was to say: 'so sue me.' So Mr. President, we will sue you," said Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne....
You can impeach with a simple majority in the House, but a conviction requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate. Republicans may win a Senate majority in November, but not a 67-vote majority.

So, yeah, Sarah Palin thinks impeachment rules and lawsuits drool. Erick Erickson opposes the lawsuit (though he also opposes impeachment). The fact is, the lawsuit is where the action's going to be. I keep telling you that John Boehner has a great deal of low cunning. The fact that the crazies aren't howling for more than a lawsuit is further evidence of that.


Redeye said...

President Obama will not be impeached because there are no grounds for impeachment. Of course that didn't stop the republicans for impeaching President Clinton, and we see how that worked out for them. They are hollering impeachment because that's all they can holler. They don't have a plan. They have no new ideas. They are the party of organized obstruction, now they have to own it.

Victor said...

And here I was, getting my hopes up and looking forward to an entertaining show - where Kabuki, meets Performance Art, meets Theatre of the Absurd.