Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sarah Palin tweeted this yesterday:

Yes, she did:

(Ostentatious philo-Semitism is nothing new for Palin: A few days after she became John McCain's running mate, the conservative New York Sun reported that, in a meeting with President Shimon Peres of Israel, she said, "The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag." She sometimes wears a a pin with twinned U.S. and Israeli flags, and at other times she's worn a Star of David necklace.)

But, um ... she's quoting Howard Stern? That's odd, because Stern is not exactly a Palin fan.

Here he is calling her a "hot imbecile" and -- how to put this? -- speculating on her depilatory practices. Here he is saying, "You want to vomit from her," and attacking her, after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, for publishing a map with crosshairs over Giffords's district. Here he is broadcasting obscene fake clips from the audiobook of Palin's memoir. Here he is telling Donald Trump that Palin is "very, very simplistic" and asking Trump, "You think Sarah Palin's an idiot, don't you?"

No, Stern doesn't like Palin very much.

All this vitriol from Stern must have flown under Palin's radar, because it's not like her to let an insult slide. Or maybe they don't have satellite radio yet up in the tundra.

I'm not a Stern fan, but I'll be curious to learn his reaction to Palin's post. It'll probably be eight minutes on whether she likes sex with circumsized guys.


Victor said...

I loves ya, Steve, but if everyone ignored her stupid, ignorant, and bigoted word-turds in the ether, we all would be better off.

Who gives a shit what comes out or her pie-hole, or ghost-writer(s)?
Sarah "The Whore of Babblin'-on" Palin's 15 over-extended minutes, are about over.

About 5+ years too late...

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that because you disagree with 90% of what someone does or says then you are obliged to ignore those times when you agree?

Jest askin'!

David Duff

Victor said...

No, duff,

It's just obvious what she's going to say - only, with a large dollop of mangled English, and "TEH STOOOOOOOOOPID!!!"

Anonymous said...

"mangled English".

'Let he who hath not mangled cast the first stone'!

So that lets you out, Victor!