Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There's an effort under way to bring 12 Years a Slave to high school classrooms:
The award-winning film 12 Years a Slave ... will be incorporated into public high school classrooms around the nation beginning in September 2014, according to a The National School Boards Association (NSBA) press release.

The NSBA is partnering with New Regency, Penguin Books, and the filmmakers to distribute copies of the acclaimed film, book, and study guide to America's public high schools....
So ... how's this going over at Free Republic? I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that it's not going over well:
Nothing but victim status politics to further fuel the race baiters and hate crime industry.


white people fought and died to end slavery


I'm a bit skeptical about this story.

There were several hundred thousand free Black people living in the South when this guy was kidnapped in New York.

I mean, what was the legal mechanism that protected all those Southern free Blacks, but completely failed to protect this guy from New York?


I thought "Roots" was all that!
Oh well, a new generation to be indoctrinated into believing that white europeans in this country were the fascists of that time.

And we now have "core curriculum" to use as a vehicle for this indoctrination.


It was a river of white men’s blood that set the slaves free in America.

But that part of the story is "de-emphasized."


Leftist indoctrination, start them young on the white guilt.


... Saw a bit of a program last night on ID (Investigation Discovery?); this black guy was driving through Illinois & Indianna researching "sundown towns" (where blacks were supposed to be out of the town by sundown). From what I could gather, this was to ensure that northern states kicked into the racial grievance till as well. These were little rural places they visited; they used the low percentage of blacks there today to bolster their "grievance". The Klan couldn't have done a better job of removing blacks from mainstream America than today’s liberals do...


My son had to right a persuasion paper about a subject. Any subject. He wrote about how the Civil War was bad for the black slaves. I admired his gumption and thought "How is he going to show this?"

He actually did a really good job, and I learned a whole bunch. He got an A too. Publik Skool even!

Yes, slavery is bad, but.....


OMG - "right" should be "write". (I'm glad his mom proof-read his paper and not me!

(Scrawled in black paint on an old roof at my alm mater: "I kant even spel Enginer, and now I our won!")


Will it be mentioned that Republicans fought to end slavery while the Democrats fought to retain it?


Its just coincidence that from kindergarten to high school graduation is also twelve years. The irony will get stronger as Common Core takes hold. /S


I saw the movie.

It portrayed Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon negatively. Johnson was especially bad...ignorant, crude, racist. Nixon was shown as someone only interested in votes. Fine...it showed democrats to be worse than republicans. And it wasn't too kind to the Black Panthers either.

But the ending ruined the movie.

The ending showed a lot of Obama 'O' symbols and everyone happy...not because a qualified black leader was elected, but because a black skin color was elected.

If shown in the classroom, students will get the impression the election of POTUS is some kind of reward, rather than choosing the best person to lead the country and serve the people.
I believe that last Freeper is thinking of The Butler (which the Breitbarniks and other right-wingers have criticized for historical inaccuracies), not 12 Years a Slave.

But hey, all those black movies look alike, don't they?


Victor said...

"It was a river of white men’s blood that set the slaves free in America."

Yes, and it was also a river of white men's blood, spilled, fighting FOR the right to keep black people as slaves.

"But that part of the story is 'de-emphasized'" - by the likes of "MORANS" like you, douche-canoe Freeper!!!

Jules said...

The nuts you picked are large and rancid, but I think the last commentariat's name is Poe.