Wednesday, February 05, 2014


John Podhoretz in the New York Post, claiming to find additional evidence of Obamacare's failure in the CBO report:
Even more damaging is this projection: "About 31 million nonelderly residents of the United States are likely to be without health insurance in 2024, roughly one out of every nine such residents."

Why? Because, in selling the bill to the American people in a nationally televised September 2009 address, President Obama said the need for ObamaCare was urgent precisely because "there are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage."

Now the CBO is saying is that in 10 years, about the same number of people will lack insurance as before. This, after new expenditures of as much as $2 trillion and a colossal disruption of the US medical system.
What the CBO report actually says (page 107 of the PDF):

So, right-wingers, you want undocumented workers not to be covered -- and now it's Obama's fault that they won't be. You want states to reject the Medicaid expansion -- and now it's Obama's fault that many states have done that. You insist that it's tyranny to require people to have health coverage, and you run propaganda campaigns urging people not to sign up -- and now it's Obama's fault that people choose to remain uncovered.

Life is easy when nothing's ever your responsibility, isn't it?


Victor said...

Our Conservative punTWITS need some basic reading comprehension lessons.

Actually, I think their read comprehension is just fine.

It just that nothing they read has absolutely anything to do with what they write.

Instead of beer-goggles, they don "FOX-goggles."

aimai said...

Christ I hate these people. I'd also like to point out that the actual population of the US will go up in the interim years so you'd expect the numbers of people in every category to go up as well.

Dennis said...

"Christ I hate these people."

This statement is your oeuvre, aimai.

Eric said...

Yeah, I don't think it's just right-wingers who don't want people in the country illegally to have government benefits. As for the 65% of Americans who choose not enroll, it's not because of propaganda but because the new and approved plans are awful with enormous deductibles and high premiums.

Oh you can assuage your guilt by convincing yourself that those darn right-wingers at Fox News are causing all this chaos. But here's the truth: you own this turd. Democrats crammed it through Congress and Obama owned it.

If any selling point - anything! - about this terrible law were true, liberals would be cackling with joy. But, no, you can't keep your plan, can't keep your doctor, you won't be saving $2500 a year, you can't keep your employer-based healthcare, and now you can't keep your job.

If you're in your early twenties, you can stay on your parents healthcare. Whoopie.

ladyblug said...

Well Eric, I had to get a new/different doctor 7 years ago because my plan didn't include the one I had for 20 years. This is a bunch of horse shirt! Our healthcare industry is for profit bombshell! It doesn't give two shirts about our health!

Steve M. said...

Oh, right, Eric, I'm sorry: health insurance was perfect until Obama screwed it up. No one ever died or went untreated because pre-Obamacare insurance was unaffordable, or because coverage got canceled as soon as a serious medical problem arose. There were no policies so porous that they were absolutely useless when a serious health issue occurred. Everyone was just so happy with insurance back then!

Oh, and no employer-based health policy has ever changed, right? None has ever seen premiums increase. None has ever dropped a doctor. Co-pays never go up. Another bit of pure paradise we've been deprived of. DAMN YOU, OBAMA!

Kevin Hayden said...

First time I heard of a conservative concerned about somebody's job beside their own.

Must be Podhoretz needs a shrink to cure him of the Creeping Socialism there.

Jim Parrett said...

Remember too that people like Pod, Jonah, Kristol etc. have never worked a day in their lives. They were gifted their current status and position in the journalism field due to nepotism, not talent. They also ran from the Viet Nam war. So, it's hard to be lectured by lazy bums who never fought in a war let alone worked in a regular job where their parental unit(s) isn't giving them everything they want.

Dark Avenger said...

Clean up on aisle #2.

Unknown said...

I googled the quote from the CBO report. Given that I had to wade through three pages of right-wing freakouts before finding this explanation for Podhoretz' supposedly stunning statistic, I think he's done a great job of disappearing the 25M Americans covered thanks to Obamacare.

Thanks for doing the legwork on this one.