Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've never been on a snowmobile, but I do hike in the woods -- and if I were to see a moose on a trail at a distance, I'd just want it to go its way. I wouldn't want to harm it and I wouldn't want it to harm me. I'd give it a wide berth. I could see carrying a weapon, even a gun, to protect myself from animals on the trail, but I'd want to use the weapon only as an absolute last resort. Animals live there. I don't. I'm the interloper.

Joe the Plumber sees things differently, I guess. On his website, Joe for America, he's just posted a high-larious LiveLeak video of a snowmobiler killing a moose with a handgun:
***VIDEO*** Moose vs. Snowmobiler, Advantage Glock!

So you are out for a nice little putt on your sled and you are attacked by a moose... What do you do?

1. Cry like baby and hope for the best.
2. Call the game warden and wait for him to show up.
3. Pull out your Glock and kill the attacker.

Watch this to see the correct answer...
Notice there's no "4. Hang back and wait for the moose to go peacefully on its way." Because, as you'll see in the video, the snowmobiler stops and sees the moose minding its business maybe a hundred feet ahead on the snowmobile trail. After trying unsuccessfully to scare it off the trail by yelling, he approaches it in the snowmobile and has a standoff. At that point, the moose does leap up and attack the snowmobiler -- which, yeah, I'll admit seems pretty frightening -- but the snowmobiler pushes the moose off, and the moose retreats. The moose doesn't try to attack again. It walks away -- at which point the snowmobiler pulls out his Glock and fires five shots, felling the moose, as if out of pure spite. He then rides on. Yee-haw!

Am I wrong to see this as the right-wing worldview in a nutshell?


Carol Ann said...

I guess the moose stood its ground so the snowmobiler just had to punish it by shooting it in the back. Yep.

Joey Blau said...

that is .. horrific. who are these people that go into the woods for fun and are in such a hurry that they can't wait for the moose to move on?

DiD they go back and dress and recover the meat? I think wasting a game animal is a crime.

These people are sick.

brett said...

embarrassed to be human

Victor said...

"Am I wrong to see this as the right-wing worldview in a nutshell?"

Nah, pretty much spot-on.

Except this sociopathic assclown would have preferred shooting a Liberal, a black, a woman, a Hispanic, a gay, and maybe even, a Jew!

Maybe he associated that fairly Liberal Republican President, Teddy Roosevelt, and his "The Bull Moose Party?"

That would assume that this sociopathic assclown actually knew something.

Also, what's with the snow-mobile - or, snow-machine, as "The Whore of Babblin'-on" insists we call it?

I might understand that you had to "Stand Your Ground" with the that poor moose if you're in mukluk's or snowshoes.
But in some motorized rocket?

No respect for life.
Except, of course, his own and his family and friends.

Sociopathic birds-of-a-feather, tend to stick together.
Antlers not included, I guess.

Glennis said...

"You are out for a little putt on your sled." - otherwise known as loud, smelly exhaust spewing machine that doesn't belong in that environment.

And your noise alarms an animal that lives in that habitat, so it behaves as any defensive animal would.

So you kill it. Fuck

Glennis said...

Guess the moose was wearing a hoodie.

Jules said...

And the next day you come by and bears that are eating the carcass you left attack before you can get your gun out and maul you up good. Yay!

If Joe the Union Plumber was a hunter he wouldn't be praising assholes who shot an animal for no reason (likely out of season) and left that amount of meat to rot.

If he knew anything about moose, he'd know that if one means to kill you, you will either kill it first or become dead or hurt bad.

But that's what happens when stupid wannabes flap their faces about things they don't understand. And that, is the Right Wing World View in a Nutshell.

Unknown said...

God, how I loathe these people.

JoyousMN said...

God, when you read the comments there it is such a sewer. These folks just revel in the power of their guns and in killing. Anyone show questions it is just a bleeding heart libtard

JoyousMN said...

Opps, should have previewed.

should be "anyone who questions it is just a bleeding heart libtard."

The New York Crank said...

Hey, can I have a snowmobiler's head mounted over my fireplace?

Very crankily yours,
The Nw YOrk Crano

Mike Lumish said...

Skidooing is not my thing, but I know some great people who are really into it.

Our uniform reaction has been "who the f*ck packs heat on the trail?"

It's such an hysterically over the top and irresponsible thing to do that I can scarcely credit anyone doing it, must defending some creep who thought it would be a good idea to pull it out and unload on such a noble beast.