Saturday, February 22, 2014


Sean Hannity's boss apparently doesn't agree with Hannity that New York is a totalitarian left-wing hellscape from which all True Conservatives should flee immediately if they know what's good for them:
The media mogul Rupert Murdoch has paid more than $57 million for the top four flours of One Madison, a steel and glass luxury condominium tower in downtown Manhattan, according to people briefed on the sale.

Mr. Murdoch recently became a bachelor after he and his former wife, Wendi Deng, divorced last November, ending 14 years of marriage. As part of the divorce settlement, he signed over to Ms. Deng a triplex penthouse at 834 Fifth Avenue, which he bought for $44 million in 2005....

Mr. Murdoch's new apartment will be on the 57th through 60th floors of One Madison, a building near Madison Square Park. The owner of the building, Related Companies, said in a statement announcing the sale -- without naming Mr. Murdoch as the buyer -- that the apartment encompassed more than 10,000 square feet....

The Fifth Avenue apartment, which had been previously owned by a Rockefeller, had strong sentimental value for him, Mr. Murdoch has told friends, as he had coveted it since he first arrived in New York decades ago....
(Sentimental value! That's so touching, in a Scrooge McDuck sort of way.)

But is this a wise choice for Murdoch? Isn't Sean Hannity right? Isn't New York State becoming intolerable for right-wingers, now that Governor Cuomo has said that "extreme conservatives" aren't welcome here? (Cuomo said, of course, that far-rightists are unlikely to win elections in the state, but it's what conservatives feel Cuomo said that really matters.) And isn't Mayor de Blasio turning the city into a place where the 99% get their vengeance against the 1% by refusing to plow their streets for, like, hours?

Oh well, I guess Murdoch has decided he's man enough to tough it out in an encampment in the belly of the beast:

It's a brutal life he's chosen for himself, but Murdoch's a tough old Aussie, so I think he just might survive.


Victor said...

"It's a brutal life he's chosen for himself, but Murdoch's a tough old Aussie, so I think he just might survive."

But let us hope, not for long.

And who wants to live in what looks like a glass-enclosed cage, for all the world to see you in your boxers or briefs?

Never Ben Better said...

The drapery contractor for that place is gonna make a mint.

aimai said...

For 57 million he doesn't even get his own pool?