Tuesday, July 02, 2013

They Have Seen the Future, and It Works?

Over at Free Republic, someone has approvingly leaked this, from LiveLeak:
Russia doing it right -- Police convoy massive group of illegal immigrants

"Citizens of the Moscow suburb of Reutov have witnessed a previously-unseen procession of illegal aliens arrested by police at a local market. There were so many arrested that police had to form them into a column resembling POWs during WWII.

Police in Reutov suppressed a looming conflict at a local wholesale and retail market on May 27, arresting over a hundred of men armed with knives, metal rods and traumatic pistols, ready to set upon each other as a result of some kind of a conflict of interest between merchants. Many of the arrested turned out to be living and working in Russia illegally."

I see Freepers celebrating this, and I see Russia passing a severely restrictive anti-gay law that forbids even discussing homosexuality in a positive light, and I see Russia thumbing its nose at the White House by refusing to extradite Edward Snowden (whose attacks on Obama are greatly enjoyed by much of the right), and I see Russia backing Assad in Syria (against rebels the U.S. right regards as universally jihadist, not to mention pals of the hated Obama and the despised RINO John McCain) ...

... and I wonder at what point the wingers are going to start seeing Russia as a sort of paradise, a bastion of virtue in a sea of socialism, effeminacy, and environmentalism (did I mention Russia's status as an unabashed petro-state, and its utter disdain for greenness?).

Oh, and I almost forgot Russia's flat tax, which led Gerard Depardieu to give up his French citizenship, to the delight of the right.

Rudy Giuliani -- who knows a thing or two about authoritarianism -- seems ready to take the Putin plunge:
"That's not a fair match, between Putin and Obama," Giuliani said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends," looking at a New York Post cover featuring a shirtless Putin and Obama wiping his eyes under the title, "Czar Wars."

"Who would you give greater odds would catch a fugitive, a former KGB agent or a former community organizer?" Giuliani continued. “Give me a break, a KGB officer, you know, is working him over."
Down, Rudy. Don't get too excited.

I know, I know -- it's hard for righties to give up on decades of anti-communism and Russki-bashing. So for now I guess it's going to be a sort of love that dare not speak its name:


aimai said...

They've always loved a man in uniform--or shirtless, for that matter. The lust for an authoritarian leader--male or female, Reagan or Thatcher, just drips from these guys. Libertarians don't blink at a Somalia comparison and Rightists don't blink when they imagine turning the US into Russia under the Czars or under Stalin because they always imagine themselves at the top of the heap. Its the authoritarian way. Choose your leader and slavishly follow. The stronger and the more unaccountable the better--just look at how they prefer their "old testament" god to even new testament Jesus, or how they transform Jesus into a violent destroyer in the Left Behind series. C.S. Lewis himself proposed that the more you try to understand god and make him reasonable, like a human, the less you understand him. They prefer their leaders violent, ruthless, and self interested.

Victor said...

Nothing new here - our Conservatives always had a love/hate relationship with the USSR:
They loved the Authoritarianism, but hated the Communism.

Now that Russia is an Oligarchy/Plutocracy, what's there NOT to love?

Ok, Righties, c'mon, sing along with The Beatles!
Here are the lyrics, in case you were still spinning Pat Boone singles, back then:

Oh, and ditto, China now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Koch brothers would be gas station attendants if not for Joe Stalin's making their dad filthy rich.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I remember when the equally brutal Joe Stalin needed a fat guy, a cripple, and a Frenchman to help stop the Axis.

But hey, let the right pull up stakes and move to Moscow. I understand it's cold there, so climate change doesn't exist.

John Taylor said...

Of course, freedom of the press is so important to Putin and his henchmen. Journalists are free to write whatever they please, as long as they have a bullet-proof car.