Saturday, July 06, 2013

Adventures in responsible gun ownership

Ye gods. Adam Kokesh is a bonafide crackpot:
The libertarian activist Adam Kokesh who called for and then canceled an armed march on Washington uploaded a YouTube video on July 4 that shows him loading a shotgun in the center of Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C, near the White House. In the video, Kokesh cryptically warns, “We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. We are the final American revolution. See you next Independence Day.”
You have to watch the video clip to appreciate the full scope of his insanity. This guy just exudes teh crazy.

This of course is wildly illegal in DC. The good news is he doesn't seem to have a huge following. One might assume the real reason he cancelled his giant armed march of freedom was because he didn't think he would get a good showing. Evidence being how sparsely attended his alternate July 4th protests were after he issued his call to arms.

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Victor said...

What a tough-guy!

You probably need an electron microscope to find this gun-loon's tiny, limp d*ck!

Yes, you're SOOOOOOOOOO oppressed, you tiny, limp-peckered white man!

The whole world's against you!
You have NO rights to carry guns in the USA.

What an @$$hat!

Sadly, this video will probably gain him a ton of fellow tiny, limp-peckered white male followers.

Jerks like this, tend to congregate in circle-jerks.

But, no "Blah's," or other minorities, are welcome.

Tiny,, limp-peckered white men, have a fear of minority men, packing bigger "equipment."

Anonymous said...

The entire guns = dicks things isn't true and just helps lose the argument. Most gun owners aren't crazy.

I grew up in the DC area, I own a gun because I bought one while in the military. It's legal, in a safe, I own no ammo and just pick it up at the range. I bought it to practice on my own time, this is very common among service members. All the gun owners I know are current or ex military as well.

When you start going off and insulting people personally, the rest of us sigh, throw up our hands and say "both sides are full of fucking assholes and crazy people".

Victor said...

See: "Trucks, pick-up, with sparkling clean beds."

No, certainly not ALL gun or pick-up truck owners, you're right, and I exaggerate, have tiny peckers - but enough...

As I've said countless times, I don't have a problem with a simple handgun, or rifle, to protect ones family, or to hunt with.

It's semi-automatic assault weapons, with large magazines.

Yeah, I know this clown is pumping up a shotgun, but the way he does it, bleeds "ASSHOLE!!!"

If you're THAT intent on proving you're a manly-man, you're got some major psychiatric issues going on.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like more culture war honestly. I personally ride the METRO day to day and love my ass some public transportation. Best part of DC is that it's cheap and high quality.

I love the fucking train that let's me get to my NYC office, again cheap and high quality.

When you toss out that any white guy with a gun has a dick issue, a shit ton of prior veterans like me go running into the arms of the NRA because they aren't insulting us. And then you lose the argument all over again.

I own a moped, oh well. And I doubt you know what a "semi automatic assault weapon" actually is, hint, it doesn't look like the ar-15 in most situations.

So we are stuck with the NRA, and people who call all gun owners small dicked assholes, this isn't a hard choice. Even more so for us vets, "LOL liberals call white vets limp dicks", you can figure out where that one goes.

Sorry but just shot the fuck up and back away. Let those like me advocate for gun control, we do and we try. You sure as shit aren't helping us at all, you are making this worse.

Palli said...

Overclock speedy,
this is true but when are all these responsible gun owners going to stop the crazy legislators, lobbyists, gun sellers and manufacturers in their incessant drive to militarize every street, neighborhood and home in America.

How are you going to protect us from them?
Take a stand as a gun owner.

Glennis said...

You sure as shit aren't helping us at all, you are making this worse.

Victor's "making this worse" by commenting on a blog? Wow, the apocalypse is nigh.

Victor said...

Aunt Snow,
Who knew I was THAT influential?!?!?!


I'm sorry, but I just don't understand the gun culture in this country.

I grew up in NY City, and later, in Upstate NY, and didn't know anyone who had a gun - except for one friend of my parents, and I couldn't stand the Nazi-loving Russian-born MFing prick, and can't stand him to this day!!!

Anonymous said...


I've never voted for one of them, I don't send money to the NRA, I support very strict gun controls. I served in the armed forces and I know damn well what these things can do.

Yet... it's always every gun owner is a limp dicked white dude when a liberal gets their hands on it. Which works completely into what the NRA and the crazy gun owners want. Then people like me who don't even own any ammo, haven't shot their service weapon in years, see a group of giant fucking assholes tossing personal insults and see "well yeah, it's not just both sides the liberals really do hate us and want to make this sexual, fuck all liberals, on all items" and we mass vote against you. Then we laugh when abortion bans get passed because "hey lol sluts", and that sluts is just as true as small dicks, it's just made to piss people off.

This is why you lose, this is why the right can say you hate "the troops". Till you get that, you will lose this fight and the abortion one, and don't ask people like me who side with you in policy to bail your ass out of it. I'll just do "sigh, both sides suck and are full of hate", and go back to my 40 buck a plate starting breakfast here in DC, wave my veteran status and point out "but the liberals attack us troops" and that will be that.

Victor said...

I'd ask what string of "logic" brought you from the starting point to your "hate the troops" conclusion, but I'm afraid to find out.

Libby Spencer said...

I have nothing against responsible gun ownership. Don't get the attraction myself, but I'm the only one in my family who doesn't own a gun and fully half my friends enjoy shooting and are responsible gun owners.

I do have a big problem with these in your face crackpots waving guns around in public for no good reason and making vague noises about armed revolution. Even if this guy is just doing it for the attention, this kind of stuff can easily incite some truly dangerous crackpot to start listening to the voices in their head and go out and start randomly shooting people.

Jimmi the Grey said...

Concern troll is concerned. Why is it every responsible gun owner is more concerned about some mouthy "liberal" judging the size of their package that that the NRA is trying to return us to the wild west of the fictional 1880's?

Unknown said...

Some people carry firearms just for show off. While others carry them for the sake of safety. Whatever is the reason behind owning a gun, it is very important that they should know how to use those. Because, little knowledge is always very dangerous!

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