Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Wow, Glenn Reynolds packs a lot of stupid into this post of exactly one hundred words:
MANNING IS ACQUITTED OF "AIDING THE ENEMY," convicted of a bunch of other stuff. The "aiding the enemy" charge was always weak, since Obama doesn't seem to think we're at war with anybody. Manning isn't really a "whistleblower," though, since he didn't even know what was in a lot of the stuff he turned over to Wikileaks, and when he did know, it was often stuff like troops' personal information.

The most damning piece of news he got out was that we entrust secrets to idiots like him. I'm sure they’ll do better with your healthcare information....
I love that first part: apparently the years of ongoing war and all those drone attacks -- not to mention the killing of bin Laden -- are signs, to Insty, that "Obama doesn't seem to think we're at war with anybody." Yes, he's just ordering the troops to kill people at random, for the thrills.

I'll skip over the whistleblower bit and go straight to the end: someone in the military leaked classified information, therefore government sucks (yes, because we all know our Galtian overlords in the private sector never misuse our private data), and thus Obamacare should be repealed. Or maybe the military should be completely privatized. Or maybe the point is that Obama sucks because Manning got a security clearance in ... um, 2008, back when George W. Bush was still president. Yeah, that must be it.


Victor said...

Glenn Reynolds - the Bill Kristol of the Inter-tubes!!!

Rob Patterson said...

Presumably the "not at war with anybody" whinge relates to Obama's declaring the War on Terror over; like all true libertarians, Reynolds wants the trillion-dollar War on a Noun to continue indefinitely.