Thursday, July 04, 2013

Land of the free

If by free you mean, not allowed to have any fun in a public park.

Just discussing with a friend this morning how weird it is to be celebrating Independence Day when we have never been less free in this country.

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yeah, ever since the Baractatorship took away all our guns, it's been downhill all the way.

As for the sign...well, it's just common sense to not mix dogs and firecrackers. Or it should be common sense. But we live in a culture in which people comment on reports of a violent rape with "it easier to ask forgivness than permission huh huh huh," so...

And for the rest of it...this.

Victor said...

I always thought all of those signs about restrictions ought to end with, "But Above All - HAVE FUN!!!"

Also too - We really haven't been free since our government decided to use the latest technological changes, and made sure to use those same technological changes, to see to it that no one was doing anything... for lack of a better term... uhm... politically untoward/incorrect.

This started with Lincoln, who made his case that beyond just monitoring and censoring the mail, that he could do the same thing with telegraphs.

The privacy genie has been out of that bottle for over a century.

It didn't start with Obama, or W, or even Nixon, or Ike, or FDR, or Hoover.
After Lincoln, surveillance really started after The Russian Revolution.

And, if you really think about it, it goes back to Adams and "The Alien and Sedition Acts."

The question is - "WTF DO WE DO ABOUT IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"


Libby Spencer said...

Sadly, I don't have any answers, only questions. Suppose the only thing to do is, as we used to say at the ACLU. dare to struggle...

Examinator said...

Sorry Libby, But this post is a trifle 'the glass is half empty'.
NONE of those prohibitions are unreasonable.
Sadly the 'common sense' and 'consideration for others' are both like like the Sth African Cape Parrot, thin on the ground and almost extinct.

I'd draw your attention to three basic facts all those prohibitions like all prohibitions of this ilk have come about from both complaints from , shall we say reasonable citizens, because of the abuseses of the unreasonable ones.

Are you telling us that it's ok to endanger children in a public space though the disease in Dog poo or dog fights, or dog bites.
Many breeds bite as part of play/breeding. Can you guarantee that every dog in the park is worm or harmful parasite free? talk to the animal shelters on that one?
Do you want your children exposed to drunken obscene behaviour by those who exceed consideration levels...fights et al.
Are you happy with these same people endangering your children by irresponsible behaviour with firework ( go to the trauma wards later on July 4th nights. or consult the national firework injury stats you'll be shocked at the numbers and the degree of lasting damage)

Sadly like all prohibitions (laws) they have to be geared to the lowest common denominator and be absolute if you are going to avoid every arrest for excessive/irresponsible behaviour becoming a payday for attorneys and licence for rat bags. how would you legally bullet proof words like consideration, excess et al.

The point of Society is for mutual protection even if it's from the extremes amongst us.

Simply put Society must have rules to maintain order to ensure that most people have most of the liberties/enjoyment they crave.

The problem is extremes i.e. those activities that reasonably harm others be that products, or behaviours.
If one looks at statistical distribution graphs 90% of people are grouped around the mean (average) the clear problem areas are 5% at either extreme. No rules at one end and EVERYTHING is proscribed at the other...both are as bad as the other.
take firearms restrictions one end and no firearm at the other end. Obama is not at the no firearms end rather towards the middle. It is usually those who have selfish agendas see agendas where there are none in others.

Glennis said...

i work for a municipal agency, and recently transferred to a position where I am the person responsible for enforcing the policies shown in your photo.

In my agency, the policies shown are actual ordinances, which were passed by a vote of the elected officials, in response to the entreaties of the citizens and residents of our jurisdiction.

It sucks, I know, and it's ridiculous, but it's democracy in action.

if you don't like it in your town, then I suggest you pay more attention to your city council meetings or whatever passes for local government where you live.

trizzlor said...

Clearly the USA is no longer a free nation now that I'm no longer allowed to do whatever the hell I want in a public park.

Anonymous said...

Look I'm all for allowing more fun in public parks, but:

"we have never been less free in this country."


Define "we."

Libby Spencer said...

I wasn't speaking so much of the park rules, it was referencing my convo with a friend about the many other ways we aren't free here anymore.

As for the park sign, not making a huge statement about park rules. Meant to be amusing graphic to mark the holiday. It is a little ironic to be celebrating freedom in a public place with so many prohibitions against ordinary human activity. Also, if you read the linked piece, the rules don't seem to have been enacted in response to any history of problems with abusive behavior there.

Dark Avenger said...

I could see 1, 2, 5, and 7 as reasonable restrictions on a safety basis, the pet stuff should be on a leash until 7:00 PM, and I think that alcohol restrictions should be based on encouraging moderation in usage, as well as discouraging public drunkeness.

The rest of course, are for a nation of arrant cowards, not a free and independent people.