Saturday, October 15, 2011


The silliness that is the effort to turn the  "Gun Walker/Operation Fast and Furious" poutrage from the right into Eric Holder's head on a pike (and a space reserved on the GOP Lannister clan's ramparts for President Obama) is nothing more than the usual selective amnesia, considering the program to "walk" firearms across the Mexican border in order to track their routes through the drug cartels started guessed it...Dubya and friends.

TPM has obtained the documents relating to another Bush-era ATF operation (on top of Operation Wide Receiver) which deployed the "gun walking" tactic. The development was first reported by Pete Yost of the Associated Press.
In fact, ATF officials wrote in 2007 that the gun walking tactic had "full approval" of the U.S. Attorney's Office being run by an interim Bush appointee and that the U.S. Embassy in Mexico was "fully on-board."
Under DOJ policy, illicit arms shipments are supposed to be intercepted whenever possible. But the emails show that just like in Operation Fast and Furious, official planned to allow guns to "walk" across the border and into Mexico in an attempt to identify traffickers higher up in the operation (rather than low ranking "straw purchasers," who are difficult to prosecute thanks to the lack of an anti-trafficking gun law).
On Sept. 27, 2007 -- when the Justice Department was reeling from the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales -- ATF agents in Phoenix and Mexico were conducting partial surveillance of suspects who purchased numerous weapons at a federally licensed firearms dealership.
After they watched the group purchase 19 weapons on Sept. 21 and 24 and additional weapons on Sept. 27, they watched as the weapons crossed the border into Mexico.

So yeah, the Bushies did this not once, but twice:  once with Wide Reciever under Gonzo, and now with this second program under interim AG Pete Keisler and Gonzo's replacement, Michael Mukasey.  It was only under Holder some 3+ years later did people come forward to say that all of a sudden the program was somehow an issue, and it was only after the GOP took control of the House earlier this year.  Now, the same program that was run by the ATF with no problem for years suddenly turned into President Obama's Katrinagatewhatever (the same exact argument can be made for Solyndra).

Republicans didn't care when the program was running under Bush.  All of a sudden, House Republicans are spending all their time building idiotic politics like this into "Obama scandals" when they should be working on improving the economy and creating know I can't even type that with a straight face anymore, they just hate President Obama so much they'll try to throw Bush-era federal employees and law enforcement under the bus to target the President.

Even worse is our lovely "liberal" media which has really dropped the ball on both Solyndra and Fast and Furious.

Worthless assholes, all of them.