Monday, October 03, 2011

Nobody Ever Went Broke Overestimating the Racism of Today's GOP

I hate to disagree with Zandar, but I don't think the name of Perry's hunting lodge sinks him. Not with the Republican base (the general election, of course, is another story).

A quick perusal of right-wing reaction on Memeorandum gives us Malkin's Rick Perry and the Macaca Media; Instapundit, with ANN ALTHOUSE ON A WAPO HIT PIECE; and Right Scoop calling it a 'non-story', while chastising Herman Cain for finding it objectionable.

For a party that is ruled by racial resentment and resentment toward the (non-Fox) news media, this story is a two-fer: the 1) Liberal Media is [sic] 2) Playing the Race Card. Perry is inoculated from the start. I don't know that he can recover from being insufficiently nativist, but I don't see the GOP base thinking this one is a negative.

Now, if the ranch had been called Jesus Buttfucking Big Red, that would be another story...

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