Wednesday, October 12, 2011


GOP Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Deadbeat Dad) is now saying the $100,000 plus he owes in child support is really just a "he said, she said" issue and that his wife "informally" let him off the hook.

Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) says he didn't pay tens of thousands of dollars in child support payments to his ex-wife because he was under the impression they had an informal agreement that he'd keep the money.

"He reasonably relied on [ex-wife Laura Walsh's] representations and conduct, to his detriment," Walsh's lawyer said in a court filing, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
Through his attorney, Walsh claimed he had a "verbal agreement" with his wife on child support because "Joe and his former wife were both tired of court appearances and the resulting emotional and financial impact on the family. Neither party had the financial or emotional wherewithal to continue the battle."

Right.  And then Walsh lent his own campaign 34 grand, kind of proving he had the cash on hand all along.  It was only after he did that act that his wife sued him for the money he said he couldn't pay (but sure could lend to his campaign to buy a seat in Congress.)  Now he's blaming his wife for the "mix-up" here.  Profiles in Courage, indeed.

This guy couldn't be a bigger douchebag.