Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Occupy Lexington, Day 6

Karla Ward at the Herald:

The Occupy Lexington Kentucky movement, modeled after Occupy Wall Street, started on Thursday, and Monday night saw a group still occupying the area outside Chase Tower on Main Street.

"We're here 'til the grievances are addressed," said Mike Davis, who was among about 30 people gathered in downtown Monday night.

Among their main concerns are what they describe as corporate greed and a disproportionate concentration of wealth.

"We are individuals gathered with voices in unison to make a stand for our right to the opportunity to live our best life," Davis said. "We want to shift the power back to the people."


He said that at least 100 people have participated in the gathering each day; at least three people have camped out nightly downtown.

Stephen Shepard said he's been encouraged by the support the community has shown by honking horns, giving the thumbs-up sign and even dropping off pizzas and coffee as they pass by.

Occupy Louisville starts today.

Kentucky's indispensable Hillbilly Jim Pence has video coverage here.

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