Saturday, October 01, 2011

Austerity in Action

It's the Republican Economic Utopia, and it's coming true right here in Lexington, Kentucky. Mitchie-poo and AynRandy are so proud.

From the Herald:

Three times in the last six weeks, families have abandoned elderly relatives at the Community Inn, a night shelter on Winchester Road, co-director Ginny Ramsey said.

"It is the same kind of abandonment that one would think of with a child because these were people who were unable to take care of themselves," Ramsey said.

Sometimes elderly people come into Lexington homeless shelters on their own, Ramsey said, but "we've never seen" families abandon elderly relatives.

When shelter officials tracked down two of the three families, Ramsey said, the family members said "they just couldn't deal with them anymore. That was it. They were done."

Once upon a time - all of a decade ago - those families could get home care or respite care for their elderly loved ones. Government care gladly provided by their tax-paying Kentucky neighbors, who know that such care is far cheaper than supporting the elderly in nursing homes.

Thank goodness our wise republican representatives have put a stop to such socialistic abominations, and forced stressed families to abandon their useless, parasitic members to the streets. The way jeebus intended.

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