Monday, September 27, 2010


I know, I know -- it's Rasmussen. Still, bloody hell:

That new Rasmussen poll ... shows South Carolinians approving of the job Mark Sanford is doing by a substantial margin, 55%/43%.

In an interview with the WSJ last week, Sanford refused to rule out a return to elective politics. It's hard to imagine him having any shot at a '12 nomination now, but here's a thought: a run against Lindsey Graham in the 2014 GOP primary.

After all, a July poll showed only 32% of Republicans in SC would support Graham in a 2014 primary, while 57% would support a more conservative, unnamed candidate.

Might Sanford start thinking about himself as the unnamed, more conservative candidate?

Senator Appalachian Trail? Really?

Oh, hell, why not? Sneaking around is clearly not a career-killer for David Vitter or Carl Paladino -- why not Sanford as well?

I start to think that, "traditional values" notwithstanding, adultery more or more is going to be a subconscious selling point for Republicans. Hell, they're already the "Daddy Party" -- it's a short step from that to being the "Who's Your Daddy Party." It's really two sides of the same Real Man coin, no?

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