Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm sure you already know that last night Bill Maher aired a 1999 clip from his old Politically Incorrect show in which Christine O'Donnell said she'd "dabbled into witchcraft":

O'DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft -- I never joined a coven. But I did, I did.... I dabbled into witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. [...]

One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn't know it. I mean, there's little blood there and stuff like that. ... We went to a movie and then had a midnight picnic on a satanic altar.

I suspect this is the final nail in the coffin of her candidacy in Delaware. (I can even imagine the GOP prevailing upon her to withdraw as a candidate.)

But I'm not sure this would be the end for her in many states -- and I'm not talking about, say, California or New York. It's my guess that a God-bothering right-winger might just be able to survive this in a Bible Belt state by going out and talking about how horrifying it all was. It would be a conversion story, see, straight out of "Amazing Grace" -- "I once was lost but now I'm found." She would regale horrified fellow Christians with firsthand -- and now, to her, appalling -- tales of Satanic depravity. She'd say that she now knows from experience how much demonic wickedness is abroad in the land (perhaps even in the corridors of power -- probably in Washington, D.C.!). She'd say that Satan did tempt her once, and the Prince of Darkness even led her to appear on Bill Maher's wicked, Godless show and treat the subject lightly, but since then she's said, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" -- and now the scales have fallen from her eyes and the face of Evil is all too apparent to her. And her understanding of this Evil is why the good people of her state should send her to the U.S. Senate -- with God on her side!

I bet, in a lot of states, she could use this to win in a landslide.

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