Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In Re the Teabaggers:

A month or so ago I had a rip roaring fight with my Christian, Right Wing, long time Republican Sister-in-law. Specifically the fight was about whether the Tea Party represented a) racists, b) a fringe, c) the Republican party. The whole thing, though not unexpected, was pretty awful. My sister-in-law voted for Bush once, and I believe she voted for Kerry as a "protest vote" against how badly the war had been mishandled. And then I think she may have voted for Obama. But she has and always will have a lingering association with the Republican Party as her daddy's party and she has always refused to inquire into the actual history and policies of the party where knowing anything about them would have to make her anxious about her father. In other words the John Bircher side of things doesn't suit her memories of her military/insurance salesman father and his fiscal conservatvism. It also doesn't suit her form of Christianity to see what side her racism, homophobia, and pro-militarism is buttered on. As a result of our fight we've exchanged nothing but polite emails about family issues since.

But this morning I received, out of the blue, the following email in its entirety:

Message Line: Uncle

Inside Text: Christine O'Donnell

--Sister--in-law's name.

Tar and feather the entire Republican party with the Tea Bagger label and we'd win these midterms in a walk.


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