Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night, Jon Stewart's show responded to victories by Christine O'Donnell and Carl Paladino with this:

Wyatt Cenac, Jason Jones and John Oliver debate the ways Democrats will f**k up the Tea Party primary victories.

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How will they do it? In the case of O'Donnell, asked ... and answered:

Reid: Coons, 'my pet,' will win

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday predicted to The Hill that Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons will safely win the Nov. 2 general election against GOP nominee Christine O'Donnell....

"I'm going to be very honest with you -- Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He's my pet. He's my favorite candidate," Reid said....

Yes, he actually said that.

A one-car funeral? A one-car parade on a one-way street? A baked potato? Choose your metaphor.

Unless Chris Coons rudely and publicly rebuffs Harry Reid on something right now, Christine O'Donnell can simply stop talking about herself and stop answering questions about her beliefs. All she has to do is put this quote in every single ad she runs. All she has to do is use this the way the Obama campaign used the Bush hug against John McCain.

I didn't think O'Donnell could win. Now I think she's can absolutely win.


(UPDATE: I'm not sure "metaphor" was the word I was looking for above.)

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