Saturday, September 04, 2010


The GOP's real political angle to Glenn Beck's "Let's take back Dr. King's legacy" garbage last weekend became far more clear this week when Republican Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi sat down with Newt Gingrich's boys at Human Events and proceeded to change the time-stream on the history of the civil rights movement in the South.
"The people that led the change of parties in the South ... was my generation," the 62 year old Barbour told an interviewer from Human Events. "I went to an integrated college. Never thought twice about it. And it was the old Democrats who had fought for segregation so hard. By my time, people realized that was the past, it was indefensible, wasn't going to be that way any more."
Got that?  The Democrats were the racists, and the implication of course is that they still are.  Rachel Maddow puts this to bed.

But now of course you see what the attack is against the charges of Republican racism: Democrats are the real racists and always have been according to Republicans like Haley Barbour, so of course the modern GOP is fighting for all of us and those nasty Dems can only play the race card.

Never mind the current GOP stance and scare tactics demonizing African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn't fit in with the Neo-Know-Nothings.

And if you point that out, you're the racist. QED.

Being completely unfettered by facts is a wonderful thing, especially when those facts produce guilt.

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