Saturday, November 21, 2009

So True.

Athenae on why Chris Matthews is Chris Matthews:

HE'S A COMPLETE AND TOTAL MORON. Oh, my God, he's just such a kitchen appliance. He's a blender. Maybe a whisk. He has the wide world experience of your average two-year-old. He's just a fucking idiot. If you make it any more complicated than that you will once and forever lose the fucking thread.

Everything these people know about life outside their bubble, they have learned from TV and the movies. EVERYTHING. Tweety is picturing something he saw in a movie once, maybe, where a defendant gets up and makes an impassioned speech and the judge starts crying and everyone agrees that this man should go free to murder and terrorize no more.

He saw Inherit the Wind, maybe, and he thinks it's like that. All the time. For everything. From traffic tickets on up...

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