Saturday, November 07, 2009

No One Will Go There--But Me!

Can someone tell us what happens to survivors of mass shootings--the kind of mass attacks on our body politic that "brings us all together" in "national mourning" and "recognition of our common purpose" and etc...? I'm not just talking about Fort Hood, I'm talking about all these mass disasters. Isn't it the case that from the moment the shooting dies down and our craptacular for profit health care system takes over the most significant determiner of how you and your family come out is what kind of health insurance you have? I'd really, really, really, like to see a timeline for the treatment and the billing and the knock on effect of the damage done to each victim of these American tragedies mapped out by insurance coverage. Every time Grayson gets up on the floor of the house and reads out the stories of people denied coverage you get a glimpse into the absurd, kafkaesque, randomness of our system as it crushes people underfoot. But the place that this must come most fully and obviously into play has to be the various mass shootings over the last few years--with people caught in the crossfire and the random chance of insurance coverage thrown into the mix.


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