Thursday, November 19, 2009


From Politico:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin smacked the "lamestream media" on Wednesday for allegedly distorting what she writes in her book.

Speaking on Sean Hannity's radio show, Palin said that "some on the left, that lamestream media, they're contradicting what I wrote in the book."

Hannity jumped in to ask, "did you say lamestream media?"

"Yeah, lamestream," Palin responded....

Although it's been around for a while, this is obviously the phrase of the week -- it also shows up in passing in Bernie Goldberg's grumbling about why liberals hate Palin. (By the way, Bernie, Ann Coulter doesn't have any kids, much less five, Down syndrome or otherwise, and she goes to fancy restaurants and has probably never seen a moose in her life -- and we hate her, too.) "You lie!" is so early fall.

Yeah, "lamestream media." Oh, and I love the way Hannity makes doubly sure that we all notice this, as if he's got an arrangement to share revenue with Palin on the inevitable T-shirt sales. ("ANNOY THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA! VOTE PALIN 2012!" You know this is coming.)

I really, really want Palin to keep this up. I want her to pepper her Facebook posts with references to "NObama" and "President Zero." I want her to talk about "Dingy Harry" Reid. I want her to use all the most immature, grade-school-level shibboleths of the right (you know, stuff like "libtards") on the presidential campaign trail -- and I want her to win Republican primaries by doing so, while appalling everyone who's not in the talk radio/Fox/tea party cult.

Seems hard to believe it won't happen, really.


Maybe she can practice her gang patois during Phase II of her book-tour-slash-presidential-campaign, which will probably start early next year with this:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The first National Tea Party convention is going to be held in Music City, with Sarah Palin as the keynote speaker.

... Palin will be in Nashville for the tea party convention held Feb. 4 to 6 at Gaylord Opryland.

Tickets are $549 each....

I don't think she's going to set foot in Alaska for more than a month a year between now and whenever she loses three years from now.

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