Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Crazy? You're Soaking In It

We've spent the day trying to get a handle on just what Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has in mind with her boffo Capitol Hill Tea Party event tomorrow, whether she's going to get the crowd riled up and just send them in or actually lead the protestors into the offices. On a conference call a few moments ago, though, she said she'd personally lead Tea Partiers to the office of Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR).

TPM is reporting that Bachmann is planning to walk her teabaggers over to Blanche Lincoln's office in the Senate? This is a level of sheer, hysterical, hate that is not going to go over well with the proud Senate. Not that I think Blanche's Republican Senatorial Buddies will lift a finger to stop this. But its really, really, really, going to piss off a lot of other people and harden a lot of attitudes. Not least of which are Lincolns. Senators don't take shit from Congresswomen.

Frankly, I doubt it will happen at all. But if this is what Bachmann and Fox thinks gets influence, or even makes for good TV, I think they are about to be rudely surprised. Either Lincoln won't be there to be cornered, or its going to go over as well as the moment Rick diFazio stepped up to Hillary Clinton and looked like a boorish wife beater.


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