Monday, November 16, 2009


I missed Sarah Palin on Oprah, so I've been over at the Huffington Post watching clips -- and I'm vaguely concerned that Palin seems to have put syntax-mangling incoherence behind her. Her sentences sound as if they're in the English language! When did this happen? And what if this continues? America doesn't have particularly high standards for this sort of thing -- we sent Reagan and both George Bushes to the White House. I'm afraid people are going to see the new, not-inarticulate Palin and think she's ... um ... intelligent.

Well, there's an explanation. She's not talking about foreign policy. She's not talking about foreign policy. She's talking about the one and only subject she really knows a lot about: herself. So of course she's semi-articulate.

Can she talk about nothing but herself all the way through the 2012 primary season? Probably not -- but she may try. And she'll feel aggrieved if it's deemed insufficient.


(Now go read the Oprah liveblogs at Rumproast and Wonkette, which are hilarious.)

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