Wednesday, February 04, 2009


What planet has Commentary's Jennifer Rubin been living on for the past two years? She just wrote a blog post called "Uh-Oh, He Lost Dowd," in reference to this Maureen Dowd column about Barack Obama.

Uh, Jennifer? Dowd despises Obama. Dowd has always despised Obama, primarily because he fails to live up to her knight-in-shining-armor rescue fantasies, which makes him a hermaphrodite in her eyes. Her first (of eight) columns referring to Obama as "Obambi" appeared in December 2006. Two months later, she depicted him as a "diffident debutante" (and, in an early version of the column, a "starlet": "Just like Hollywood starlets, he works out religiously and he can make a three-course meal out of a Nicorette"). Two months after that, she suggested that Michelle Obama was "emasculating." Do I need to go on? I'm only up to the spring of 2007. I haven't even gotten to the withering contempt for the fact that Obama eats steamed broccoli or failed to finish his waffles at a campaign-stop diner. I haven't gotten to her contention that Obama lost his first debate with John McCain. I'm just getting started here.

As for today's column, I don't want to go there, but I think Dowd leaves me no choice:

Mr. Obama protested to Brian Williams that the programs denounced as "wasteful" by Republicans "amount to less than 1 percent of the entire package." All the more reason to cut them and create a lean, clean bill tailored to creating jobs.

A real surprise there, MoDo -- after all your obsessing over Obama's alleged unwillingness to eat fatty food, you describe a budget with (arguably) 1% fat as not sufficiently "lean." Is this a personal standard you also apply to literal fat? Someone with 1% fat is a big tubby gross obese pig? Is that what you mutter under your breath when you see any body fat at all?

Whatever the case, I think you're suffering from budget dysmorphic disorder.

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