Monday, February 16, 2009

I think Steve is probably right about the Freepers' reaction to the stiumulus bill:
Now that the wingnuts who read this stuff have to live with the fact that the stimulus bill has already passed, what are they going to do? I think tiny bands of Freepers are going to go out and hold pathetic, futile protests of public works programs. I think they're going to show up with picket signs at building sites; I think they'll go to hearings on proposed projects and demand that governments send the money back in protest of B. Hussein's attempt to turn this country commie. A brief lie-down in front of a bulldozer or two might even take place.
I would add that we'll likely see these stunts being organized by talk radio--by Michael Weiner, Melanie Morgan, maybe Rush Limbaugh. Their ratings depend entirely on outrage, and they never actually have to face any voters.

As another Steve (Benen) points out, though, the Republicans who do have to face the voters are reacting a little differently:
In Mica's press release about the stimulus package, for example, he not only applauded the spending for his district, he neglected to mention altogether that he opposed the bill. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who also issued a press release claiming "victory" for an Alaskan contracting program in the bill, also failed to mention that he voted against the measure that he's so excited about.
In other words, while the whole GOP caucus voted with an eye to primaries, at least a few of them are aware that there's also a general election.

I hope Steve is right--I hope the wingnut radio hosts make this bill the hill they want to die on. Mica and Young accept the reality that even if you call it 'pork', it's good to have the federal government spending money in your district. It makes you popular with your constituents. The more pressure Republicans get to oppose stimulus in their own backyards, the better off Democratic candidates will be in 2010.

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