Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm sick of the 911 system. I don't want my tax money to go to it. I stay healthy and live in a low-crime neighborhood -- where's my ride in an emergency vehicle that gets to run red lights? Why should my hard-earned dollars subsidize cops for losers who were brutally assaulted because they decided to live in high-crime areas, or emergency medical care for slobs who had heart attacks because they chose to smoke or let themselves get out of shape? Isn't that just encouraging bad behavior? If we help these people, won't a lot of them just go back to the same old bad ways of living? Or, say, if I have smoke detectors and a fire burns down the house of some idiot who doesn't, that couldn't possibly affect my house, could it? So why should I be forced to subsidize a fire department? To me, the #1 priority has to be avoiding moral hazard. That's why I say let all the losers suffer and die. It's not as if anything bad could ever happen to the rest of us -- we're smart and responsible. Right?

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