Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So is it true that anti-obscenity crusader Eric Cantor followed up on his office's dissemination of a profanity-laced AFSCME parody by releasing a pro-GOP ad scored to a song about patronizing a fifty-cent prostitute in the Old West?

Yup. Here's the ad (though I'm sure most of you have seen it already):

And here's the full song Cantor excerpted as background music, with lyrics:

Ridin' into town alone by the light of the moon
I'm lookin' for ol' Sukie Jones, she crazy horse saloon...

Peelin' off my boots and chaps, I'm saddle sore
Four bits gets you time in the racks, I scream for more
Fools' gold out of their mines, the girls are soaking wet
No tongue's drier than mine, I'll come when I get back!

Well, maybe Cantor thought it was a traditional miners' ballad from the Gold Rush era.

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