Thursday, July 24, 2008


... this guy:

Jack Shafer and Mickey Kaus are absolutely right in what they're implying -- that the press has a double standard and simply refuses to embarrass Democrats with stories about sex.


In all seriousness, John Cole has a simple explanation for why the mainstream press isn't covering the story about the alleged John Edwards affair and "love child," and I think what Cole says is persuasive:

...You guys [Republicans] have made standard affairs boring.... No one is claiming Edwards was seen in two wetsuits hanging from the ceiling with a dildo lodged in his rectum. There is no DC madam with a black book involved. No one has transcripts of him instant messaging teen-age congressional pages or crashing their dorms in a drunken stupor. There is no arrest record for soliciting oral sex in an airport bathroom, complete with feisty confrontations with the arresting officer on video tape. There is no religious hypocrisy and gay prostitution and meth-fueled sodomy binge to talk about.

In short, aside from the fact that all there is to the story is an Enquirer report, it is just boring. You all have made standard affairs pedestrian and dull. Even when you use the phrase “love child,” what it boils down to is a guy allegedly sleeping with a woman. Pretty tame stuff, given what the GOP has provided us for the past few years.

The GOP has set the sleaze/hypocrisy bar high. You have to be at the level of a Spitzer to clear it, and Edwards, even if the Enquirer is right about him, hasn't come close.

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