Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Jon Stewart, starting at approximately 3:11 in this clip:

Obama's camp initially agreed that the cartoon was, quote, "tasteless and offensive." Really? You know what your response should have been? It's very easy. Here, let me put the statement out for you: "Barack Obama is in no way upset about the cartoon that depicts him as a Muslim extremist, because you know who gets upset about cartoons? Muslim extremists...."

Rush Limbaugh:

The Obama campaign, they continue to be in a tizzy over this New Yorker cartoon.... Who is it that gets upset over stupid cartoons? Muslims, intolerant Muslims.

Stewart and Limbaugh are exactly in sync. The universe is about to tilt off its axis and we're all going to die. I have seen the Number of the Beast.


(Stevwart link via Steve Benen.)

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