Saturday, July 26, 2008


David Bossie's Citizens United will soon release an anti-Obama "documentary" called Hype. The trailer is below. Notice something odd about it -- I mean, besides the fact that midway through it seems almost impossible to distinguish from McCain's own "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" ad?

Er, what's up with that flipping and fading TV signal? I recognize that effect -- because I'm old and I remember bad TV reception. I experienced bad TV reception until I got cable -- about twenty years ago. Apart from poor people (who aren't usually the target marget for right-wing propaganda, at least not propaganda you have to have high-speed Internet service to watch), how many American even have TV reception like this now?

Mr. Google tells me that 58.4% of U.S. households have cable and 25% have satellite; or, to put this another way,

In 2006, the average home received 104.2 channels, an increase of almost eight channels since 2005. The percentage of homes receiving 100+ channels rose from 42% in 2005 to 47% in 2006, with 33% receiving between 60 and 99 channels....

That means 80% of the public never has reception like this. I imagine most of those people barely remember it.

As it turns out, I happen to know a fair number of people who don't have cable or satellite -- but they're voracious book readers and, well, liberals. Sorry to reduce you right-wingers to a cultural stereotype, but I assume most of you have (or soon plan to buy) the biggest, flattest, baddest TV you can possibly buy.

What's next in McCain ads? Dial telephones? Telegraph operators?


Oh, and I guess I understand why Bossie would want to lead with Obama's appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's show (even though, um, McCain went on her show, too) -- but why does this preview spend the first half a minute on the credits to Ellen's show? It's Obama's fault that her show has a happy-go-lucky, perky title sequence? Or is Bossie just really, really creeped out at the sight of an out lesbian giving low fives?

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