Monday, July 14, 2008


It's election season, and you know what that means: it's time for the vote-Republican-or-we're-all-gonna-die billboards to start cropping up. Here's a new one in Orange County, Florida, which features the burning Twin Towers:

Notice something odd about this one? Notice the prominent URL at the bottom of the ad? What's up with that? A local news operation explains:

...The man behind the billboard is Mike Meehan, a St. Cloud businessman and musician. His website advertises a CD and music video titled "The Republican Song," with the chorus, "Don't vote for a Democrat." He's selling CDs for $5....

Here's Mike's Web site, and here's a video of the lyrically clumsy, utterly predictable song, which -- yes -- you can purchase on CD ... presumably because the dead of 9/11 would want you to:

Partial lyrics:

The Democrat secular progressive move,
political correctness is killing us too....

Now we're trying to win a war and wipe out the terrorists,
We're not fightin for oil we got plenty if we drill it....

Compared to this, the Right Brothers are Hank freaking Williams.

What's Mike Meehan's story? Well, as he tells us here, he studied music, worked in a factory, then saved up enough money to start a music store, while playing gigs around Orlando.

I also opened concerts for some world known artists, and even took the place of the famous "Jerry Lee Lewis" when he wasn't able to attend a concert at the Orlando Civic Center.

(Yes, "Jerry Lee Lewis" is in quotes -- presumably it was an ironic Jerry Lee Lewis who failed to show up for that show, not the real one. Oh, sorry, I was just being a snarky liberal elitist, wasn't I?)

Mike eventually "put the music to the side and ventured into a new business" -- he's now a painting contractor. But then, well, 9/11 Changed Everything:

For the love of my country, I later became interested in its direction. especially after 911. I became interested in news and wanting answers for a lot that wasn’t being told on the normal Liberal TV News stations. I started listening to talk radio stations and started reading a few books about politics, though I still appreciated the information from Fox New Network. It didn’t take too long after, I realized the danger of liberalism, and where it’s taking us today.

I decided to take the guitar out of the closet and began writing, "The Republican Song," "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat." Realizing the big election was coming up, I found it important to get the message out.

Yeah, it was a selfless act motivated exclusively by love of country. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that guitar-pickin' dreams die hard and working a day job sucks.

Oh, and Mike's offer of contact information in case you want to book an appearance is also presumably motivated by love of country and nothing more.

Oh, and Mike has "written 14 Christian songs since, and plan[s] on recording them as well." I'm sure that's a selfless gift to America, too.

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