Monday, March 17, 2008



... Oddly enough, conservatives would seem to agree with Wright about the role of whiteness in America, so I have no idea why they are all reaching for the fainting couch right now. Presumably, these are the same conservatives who saw O'Reilly sound the alarm over the possible collapse of the "white male power structure," John Gibson's demand that white people "make more babies" and give financial support to the conservative groups working towards that very goal.

...Confederate Yankee (that's right, a man named after the Confederacy has the gall to lecture others on racism) describes Wright as displaying "naked anger, resentment, defeatism, and conspiratorial paranoia". Well that's funny, because last time I checked it was conservatives who were claiming gay people were a greater threat to America than Al Qaeda, that Mexicans were "invading" the country, that greedy Jews were coarsening our culture, that several billion Muslims want nothing more than to destroy us, that unqualified blacks are stealing spots from white students, and that granting women equal rights has made us weak.

It would be more correct for CY to say that kind of " naked anger, resentment, defeatism, and conspiratorial paranoia" is only appropriate for white people. When white conservatives make blanket statements about race, sexuality, or gender, they are treated as deeply serious. When black people make them, we call it bigotry....

Go read the whole thing.

(The Confederate Yankee post in question is here. Also see TBogg on that post and the whole controversy.)


By the way, I've been rather puzzled by the way truly inflammatory Wright statements and Wright statements that would seem to be beyond dispute have been thrown at us by the media in a big jumble, as if they're all beyond the pale. For instance, I would have thought there was no controversy whatsoever about Wright's assertion that white people don't know what it's like to be rejected by a cabbie on the basis of skin color. Apparently, though, it's now an angry racist statement.

So, I guess that means the ranks of the vilest hate speech mongers in America now include that fearsome provocateur Lenny Kravitz:

Let hate rule!

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