Saturday, March 08, 2008


John McCain's campaign has a new ad out.

Ann Althouse loves it and had this to say about one image:

We see some evocative children in the end ... we see a little black girl pausing over some purple wildflowers.... Is she there to suggest that Michelle Obama -- like her husband -- is a mere child?

Let's see: Michelle Obama is a lawyer in her forties, is the mother of two, and is five foot eleven.

The girl in the Obama ad is so young she can barely see over the tops of the wildflowers.

According to Althouse, an exact match!


By the way, the main point of the ad is to make you think that John McCain is the second coming of Teddy Roosevelt and (especially) Winston Churchill.

Remind me again: Which candidate in this race is regularly criticized for having an overinflated sense of his own historical importance?


And, of course, Bush likes to link himself to Churchill and TR, too, just like John McSame.


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