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The authorities investigating yesterday's Times Square bombing think there are similarities to past bombings at the British and Mexican consulates. When I first read that, I found it puzzling -- sure, it's not surprising that antiwar or anti-military types would be angry at England, especially during the Blair years, but why Mexico? Then today I read this in The New York Times:

At some point before the explosion on Thursday, anarchist writings and photographs of various spots around New York City -- including the military recruiting station and police station in Times Square -- were discovered in one of several bags recovered by the authorities, an official said.

And this in an accompanying Times story (emphasis mine):

... Three bombings with similar devices at three high-profile locations in Manhattan, each occurring at nearly the same time of day, in the predawn hours; each inflicting little damage; none injuring people.

And in each case, someone -- most likely a man -- seen pedaling away on a bicycle with a hooded jacket or sweatshirt hiding his face....

The one outside the Mexican Consulate, at 27 East 39th Street near Madison Avenue, came on the first anniversary of the fatal shooting of Bradley Roland Will, 36, a journalist from New York who often traveled to Latin America to chronicle little-known disputes....

And, in fact, if you go to, you can find this from the time of that 2007 bombing:

Mexican consulate attacked in NYC

Early this morning explosives rocked the Mexican Consulate shattering windows and waking neighbors, nearly one year to the day since gunmen sympathetic to the Mexican ruling party assassinated anarchist activist and American independent journalist Brad Will. The murder of Brad Will sparked weeks of protest in his home of New York City. Demonstrators occasionally got unruly and left the Mexican Consulate on East 39th Street damaged.

NYPD detectives have reviewed surveillance cameras from the area and believe that a lone man in his 20s hurled two small home made grenade-like explosive devices at the consulate building around 3:30 am this morning and left the scene on a bicycle. The attack has been compared to a 2005 attack at the British Consulate.... commemorates Will's death here.

So, yeah, the pieces do seem to fit. And Michelle Malkin is already self-righteously braying about praise for the bombings from a couple of anarchist posters on Indymedia. Very soon, if the bomber really is an anarchist, the right is going to try to hang this around our necks.

But what do anarchists actually think of Democrats? Let's go to this discussion of Barack Obama:

...he's a brain-dead tool who does nothing but mouth convenient slogans that mean nothing.

Time for a change? What change you worthless fuck-wit? Name one agenda that Obama has thought about enough to formulate an actual action plan around, and then riddle me this Batman- how is he going to fund it? Redistribution of the wealth from the "rich"? Wrong fuck-wit, the very legislators that you need to implement that ARE the rich, and they are not going to give it up to a bunch of mealy mouthed whiny fucks like you.

It's all hollow worthless shit filled promises that they cannot possibly follow through on...

Another poster sees him as dangerous to the cause (and isn't particularly nice to Hillary Clinton, either):

he is probably the most likely to dampen the efforts of the extra-congressional left because he is about as charismatic as they come. it's way easier to demonize the corporate state when a corporate robot like clinton is the face of it.

Some posters just assume he'll be assassinated. Some criticize his positions on immigration, workers' rights, possibile miltary action in Pakistan, and other issues. Some are mildly hopeful, but come down against him nevertheless:

i personally choose not to vote.if the process changed anything,it would have by now.

plus,there are alot of lies told by candidates to get in office,then abandoned once elected.(remember bush?)

but if he does get in office,it would be a slap in the face to the system up until now.

but,it also is pretty sad how the white man have managed to convert other races to their sick,authoritarian ways.

but if it must be this way,all the more power to him.
maybe he will make a bettter life for the opressed.
not to say i support him,ill still never like a president.


These are people who have no desire to engage the system and who really believe the system can be brought crashing down. They are not Democrats. They are not liberals. I don't care how many times right-wingers whine that they are.

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