Thursday, December 09, 2004

We all know that filthy sixties hippies who live in filthy hippie throwback blue-state enclaves raise filthy hippie kids who become filthy terrorists like John Walker Lindh and Adam Gadahn -- whereas real conservative Americans from real American communities produce good, upstanding kids who do good, upstanding things like fight for their country, and don't do bad things like the children of filthy hippies.

So you should not pay attention to the fact that the guy who shot Dimebag Darrell of Damageplan at that rock show in Ohio was an ex-Marine from Marysville, Ohio.

The two Honda plants outside Marysville employ 8,250 workers....

Around there, conservative social and religious values rule the vote, said Chet Hartley, 69, an insurance agent who lives outside West Mansfield, in Honda's shadow.

Many lawns have signs supporting a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which is also on the Nov. 2 ballot.

"What it comes down to is that you know what Bush is going to do, and with Kerry you have no idea," Hartley said. "I predict Bush wins by 10 points."

That's from a Seattle Times story published in October. In fact, Marysville is in Ohio's Union County. (West Mansfield is in nearby Logan County.) The state of Ohio says Bush beat Kerry 70%-29% in Union County (and 68%-31% in Logan County).

A crazed heavy-metal murderer in a red county? Wouldn't David Brooks say that's impossible?

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