Thursday, December 16, 2004

Isn't this nice? You can go to a Web site and send an e-birthday card to Jesus. And not just any card -- a card that tells Jesus that a lot of people hate his guts. Yeah, that's what I like to be told when I get a birthday card -- that people hate me. Especially when the people telling me that are lying:

...Still, some reject -- despise your name
With such intensity;
In spite, they celebrate instead
Their Secularity....

Excuse me: I'm an atheist, and I don't despise Jesus or his name. You? In fact, I don't know anyone who despises Jesus. All I want is the privatization of worship. Not its abolition. Not even its curtailment.

Please -- have huge Christmas celebrations. Sing carols and hymns till you're hoarse. Read the Bible till you see double. Don't let me stop you.

Just do it on your own dime.

(Me, I'll celebrate a perfectly American Christmas -- family, food, presents, tree, festive intoxicating beverages, more food. Does that meet with your approval?)

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