Friday, December 10, 2004

Kerik's out, for the wrong reason.

I've recounted some of the dubious moments in his past (here and here). But they wouldn't have been a problem for him. A nanny problem got him.


UPDATE: Newsweek's Mark Hosenball says maybe the nanny wasn't the reason Kerik withdrew. Hosenball points to an arrest warrant for Kerik at a time when he was involved in a legal dispute over condominium fees he hadn't paid.

Note that this happened not during Kerik's hand-to-mouth days -- he declared bankruptcy in 1987 -- but in 1998, when he'd been New York City's commissioner of corrections for several years. The guy had a good job, but he had unpaid debts. Bush wanted this guy to run a Cabinet department?

And why an arrest warrant? This is 100% speculation, but was something more than financial wrangling taking place? Did he threaten someone?

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