Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Once again, this technique, and all of those used in these scenarios, was approved by the Dep Sec Def [Deputy Secretary of Defense].

--newly released memo on prisoner abuse, dated 1/21/04

Please note that the abuse of prisoners described in the newly released documents is the work of military interrogators, operating under the Pentagon's rules -- if this fish stinks from the head, the head is Rumsfeld, that "caring fellow."

So do you think now maybe Charlie Rangel can get more than four co-sponsors for his House bill calling for Rumsfeld's impeachment? Or more than 29 co-sponsors for his bill calling for Rummy's resignation (a step that majority support in the latest Gallup poll and the latest ABC/Washington Post poll)?

(I recommend the New York Times story on the memos if you're still a bit confused as to what's been revealed.)

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